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Revolutionary Lullabies Vol. 1- TIME


make me smile exclusive
sat down to write you a song, a song it had to be, in the key of E it had to be in E, had to be! So down down down it goes and down down down it went Sky doesn't worry 'bout the weather, it's just fine Time doesn't worry- it's just... Time said ya, oh ya, I'll let you write a song, you go right ahead and write a song! It has to be in E, has to be in E! So down down down it went and down down down it goes... I've never worried 'bout the weather, when things were just fine... Why worry 'bout the weather, things are fine... Things are fine...in the key of E. All the roses in the world, for you. Everybody falls down. Things are fine, in the key of E
Last night I was running hot, so I hit you up "Hey Camelot, forget-me-not" but that feeling really sold me out, first as fantasy, then doubt like "love don't need no reason, but clearly this love is out of season" and "if love it is an ocean that never stops it's motion why's it freezing"for You and I, there's a million reasons why, it's never gonna fly x4 So I took a pit stop at the dock, it's a quiet place, to give away the race (and I gave it all to space, ya) though it burned and stung and moved, it was full of grace Cos love don't need a reason, not one, not many, not any, no and love it is an ocean it's only the drop that thinks it's frozen, that's why Your and my, million reasons why they never gonna fly x4 NO MAN IS AN ISLAND (what was I searching for?) last night when I was running hot, and I tried to stick you up, 'hey" But love don't need no reason, no and rudderless wind-tossed reasons need love or they are lost. They never gonna fly x4
I'm starting to think it was all a big schtick, just a big bit, bit bit... bittersweet cherry! It definitely feels a bit surreal like there's no way this is not a play, and I'm reading for bittersweet cherry... who got taken on a trip, up the river. no paddle meant a dip, down the stream, feels like going on a trip across the ocean we're not going on no trip downtown. Still I'm starting to know when it's a no-go, you're putting on a show casting me as bittersweet cherry (woah) You're making me blush, it's all a bit much and a bit rushed leaving me a rushed, crushed bittersweet cherry Who got taken on a trip up the river her paddle floats away, down the stream we're not going on a trip across the ocean unless you count this merry little trip down memory lane.
Now 03:35
You and I, it's the end of May a life so like a warm cafe while all around the whistling winds of change grow louder, louder now now, louder now It's time to let go of the past you want to be free, want to be 'round someone's not me now We order drinks, not a lot to say, 'kept, bout the weather and the day all in all I know the part I played, in let's go our own way now now, let's go our own way! time to let go of the past, you're already free, you've said what you came here to tell me! This is a dream of you, hidden in a dream, hidden in a dreamer! x3
If I say please a 1000 ways, would you stay with me? If I say thank you... would you stay, could you? stay? but you and I are ships that were just passing by we met, to part, cos nothing lasts forever, sweetheart... and so I'll try, to say goodbye. I'll take a trip trip back in time and space i'll erase all trace of shout at the rain, of someone to blame, of seems a shame! that you and I ships that were just passing by we met, to part, that i'm left now with a broken heart that in the blink of an eye, I got stuck between hello....goodbye still I try, I try and try and try...o please! please and thank you. Please stay! Please don't stay away! Cos i the blink of an eye I'll get stuck between hello...goodbye. The thing about love is, the thing about life is, the thing about it all is that nothing lasts... but you and I are ships that were just passing by, in the blink of an eye, i got stuck between hello and but you and I are ships that were just passing by in the blink of an eye, i got stuck between hello....goodbye.


a bossa rock take on time.

songs will start to trickle into this album July 23rd. pre-order to hasten it's birth.


released July 23, 2020


They say there are two types of death meditation: the good kind, and the bad.

The bad kind leaves you despondent and hopeless. Hello nihilism.

The good kind?

That's what this album is about.

How do we approach the fact that nothing lasts forever, and end up smiling, with a wide open heart? Well, first it has to break open...


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ME:SHE Vancouver, British Columbia

Soothing, uplifting music.

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