I'm sad and lonely, who wouldn't be?
Since you went and left me, alone and lonely
saying you want to be free, ya, you want to be free
but just like a tree, you're leafing me...

alone, I will miss you, though I may say
that new buds will replace you come April, come May
but the truth is, we're like starlight!
just like starlight- all in a flow, we come and we glow!

And if you must go, and me me must go sometime soon
Then take the diamond way, here's what it has to say

That our bodies are like seeds, come from the sky
planted in the earth and returned when we die
so let's take the time to (make the time to) find the time to (nows the time to) love someone
just try it - it's fun-

-y, how one day you love me, and then next day, we're taking a break
why'd you have to say those words- I love you too....

(karma's certain, to flower if you plant the seeds and if you don't, it won't, apple trees don't come from lemon seeds! so plant the love you want to be, then just wait and see....)


from Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler, released May 15, 2015
Roch Gallo: Guitar, Bass
Joel Fountain: Drums
Michelle Dumond: vocals, keys, song


all rights reserved



Revolutionary Lullabies Vancouver, British Columbia

Soothing, uplifting music.

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