Written by Sonia Potie for Lama Marut. Sonia played this song when we went to Saskatoon to teach/kirtan at Joos Yoga. Falling instantly in love with the song, we recorded it and kept in some of Sonia’s original, recorded on Meshe’s cell phone.

Meshe: Vocals/Piano/Nylon string guitar/Arrangements/Synths
John Buchanan: Harmonies/Guitar
Roch Gallo: Bass
Quinn Norin: Cello
Michael Ertzinger: Trumpet
Joel Fountain: Drums/Percussion
Sonia Potie: Vocal/Guitar Samples


The worst part's not over
the strongest desire
that i've ever known has
taken me over
and i tried to hide it but you could see through me
and i tried to hold it in but it came right through me
and when we're together i want to be closer
cos you're like a magnet and I'm like a magnet
and i tried to fight it but i don't want to fight it
and i'm trying to hold back cos it's not the plan
you've got your part you don't want to play it
you're my reflection i hate it
i can't stand my face in yours and
i'm so hungry so help me
i can't seem to stop my heartbeat
but i want to, cos i want you so bad
and i can't seem to shake it
i wish i could stop my heartbeat
cos i want you and you've got me
hanging on for my dear life
hanging on for my dear life
hanging on for my dear life


from Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler, released May 15, 2015


all rights reserved



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