Written by Sonia Potie for Lama Marut. Sonia played this song when we went to Saskatoon to teach/kirtan at Joos Yoga. Falling instantly in love with the song, we recorded it and kept in some of Sonia’s original, recorded on Meshe’s cell phone.

Meshe: Vocals/Piano/Nylon string guitar/Arrangements/Synths
John Buchanan: Harmonies/Guitar
Roch Gallo: Bass
Quinn Norin: Cello
Michael Ertzinger: Trumpet
Joel Fountain: Drums/Percussion
Sonia Potie: Vocal/Guitar Samples


The worst part's not over
the strongest desire
that i've ever known has
taken me over
and i tried to hide it but you could see through me
and i tried to hold it in but it came right through me
and when we're together i want to be closer
cos you're like a magnet and I'm like a magnet
and i tried to fight it but i don't want to fight it
and i'm trying to hold back cos it's not the plan
you've got your part you don't want to play it
you're my reflection i hate it
i can't stand my face in yours and
i'm so hungry so help me
i can't seem to stop my heartbeat
but i want to, cos i want you so bad
and i can't seem to shake it
i wish i could stop my heartbeat
cos i want you and you've got me
hanging on for my dear life
hanging on for my dear life
hanging on for my dear life


from Meshe & Moon Circus Sampler, released May 15, 2015


all rights reserved



RevolutionaryLullabies Vancouver, British Columbia

Born to parents who met in the tropics then transplanted into the icy north, Meshe followed her heart to the rainforest coast, where she has been making music for close to 20 years. Her songs speak of human blossoming- and travel through gypsy, folk, pop and classical lands, with a few rocky outcroppings. ... more

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