Nebulous Cloud

from Revolutionary Lullabies Vol. 1- TIME by ME:SHE

make me smile exclusive


What about the elephant in the room?


o o i, wanna talk about this nebulous cloud that's hanging 'round
but you don't ever wanna talk about this,
nebulous cloud keeps hanging 'round


what if we, talked about this- what words from the sky would rain on down
cos if we don't ever talk about this, gonna have to move along

what about the elephant in the room?

so let's walk, and talk about this- two sides of a coin aren't stuck together
but don't throw it in a wishing well, it's alright, nebulous clouds aren't things that last forever

unless you never make the point, point
hide it with a joint, joink- talk
we don't ever talk, talk talk
you could work until you drop drop
then yell and don't hear stop, stop
we don't ever talk talk talk

elephant what about the elephant


from Revolutionary Lullabies Vol. 1- TIME, track released July 23, 2020
Horn Section: Erik Engholm, Ashton Sweet, Chad Taylor
Horn Arrangements: Meshe & Erik Engholm
Electric Guitar: John Buchanan
Bass: Andrew Carey
Congas: Nimal Alw
Drums: Eddie Riumin
Vocals/Arrangement/Lyrics/Keys/Acoustic Guitar: MeShe Mooette
Production/Mixing: Howard Redekopp
Director: Lisa Marie Dumond
Set Dec: Lisa Marie Dumond

Drums/Horns/Bass Recorded at Monarch Studio
All else recorded at Fuzzy Studios

Released by: Fuzzy Records


all rights reserved



ME:SHE Vancouver, British Columbia

Soothing, uplifting music.

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